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HPMLIS Technology

  • The Society was involved in the implementation of Dairy oriented projects in Solan district. Initially, the above society has implemented the Innovative Integrated Dairy Development Project of the Ministry of Rural Development of cost of Rs. 220.00 lacs with full achievements of projected milk production. The Society also implemented another Milch Livestock Improvement Project of the DRDA, Solan of Rs. 715.00 lacs sanctioned by the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India under SGSY-Special Projects which was completed in the year 2010. The main objective of these projects was to improve the local breed of the milch animals and to increase the annual milk production from 63.5 thousands Mts. to one lac Mts. in a sustainable manner within the span of the project period and to create marketing facilities to the milch livestock breeders so that the breeders may get remunerative price for their product and the consumers qualitative milk & milk products at the comparatively cheaper rates.

  • Implementation of Exit Protocol (Post Project Sustenance Plan):
  • The entire post-project follow up operations were required to be carried out by the Milch Livestock Improvement Society and therefore, with a view to ensure the proper use and maintenance of the assets created under the Innovative Integrated Dairy Development & the Milch Livestock Improvement Projects to sustain the benefits to the breeders, the MOU with regards to implement the Exit Protocol was signed between the DRDA and the Milch Livestock Improvement Society on 27th March, 2012 and all the assets, infrastructures, machinery, tools and implements created and procured under both of above projects along with the liabilities including staff working under these projects were handed over to the Society. The Society was required to manage the post project sustenance for all times to come in future so that the beneficiaries may continue to get all the basic supplies & services at their door steps which they were getting under the above projects in a sustained manner without further financial aid from the Govt. The implementation of the Exit-Protocol was taken up by the Society w.e.f. 01-04-2015 with the following objectives:

    • Organization of various level training-cum-awareness camps & exposure visit programmes.
    • Organization of breeding efficiency camps, other related services like Ecto-Parasitic Control (Animals & sheds), Weeding of Unproductive animals, Animal infertility Treatment, Follow up operations, Control of Endo parasitic infestation and genetic improvement services & supplies.
    • Tie up assistance for the procurement of chaffing machines and improvement of cattle sheds.
    • Supply of calf/milch ration, mineral mixture and dry fodder.
    • Arrangement of fodder seed, roots / plants and improvement of private grass lands.
    • Assistance in quality fodder production, value improvement and enrichment techniques.
    • Guidelines in marketing of milk and milk products by organized groups.
    • Up-gradation of Management Technology.
    • Weeding of Unproductive animals, Maintenance of Go Sadan & Revival unit.

    The following services, maintenance of records and follow up operations will also form the part of annual action plan to assess the impact of the implementation of the Sustenance Action Plan:

    • To keep the production potential coefficient on positive index to maintain dairy as an economic viable livelihood.
    • To keep the breeders abreast of latest developments in management production technology and marketing trends.
    • Regular follow up for control of breeding related problems.
    • To maintain up to date stock status report of each breeder for future study of trends and annual breeders meets to discuss future strategies.
  • Post Project Sustenance Mechanism
  • With a view to ensure post project sustenance of the earlier Innovative Dairy Development Project (IIDDP), the corpus fund of Rs. 45.00 lacs was created by way of breeders contributions under some of the project components which was subsequently invested in the maximum interest earning FDRs likewise, as per the approved norm, the corpus fund of Rs. 60.00 lacs was created by way of compartmental contributions under another project of MLIP and subsequently invested in FDRs year after year. The total corpus fund under both of above projects was likely to be increased to approximately Rs. 2.00 crores by the end of the financial year 2014-15. The accumulated corpus fund of Rs. 2.00 crore in turn generating about Rs. 19.00 lacs annual interest every year. Besides above, on the implementation of the Annual Sustenance Action Plan , the income has also started generating on some of the project components like distribution of seed/seedlings/planting material of hybrid grasses and fodder plants, balanced milch ration, field infertility treatment & follow-up, marketing of milk & milk products and Gosadan by products manure (establishment of vermin compost & vermin culture unit), sale of inducted milch animals and rent of training centre, all these above activities are generating approximately a annual income of Rs. 3.00 lacs which will further go on increasing in the subsequent years. As such the consolidated funds on account of annual interest on Corpus fund and the income generated from the above economic project activities; approximately the funds of Rs. 22.00 lacs becoming available to meet the annual action plan requirements

  • Strengthening of Sustenance Fund
  • The Corpus will be strengthened year after year to meet the increasing requirement of the future annual action plans. The contribution received from the beneficiaries against the supplies of aids as per the annual project sustenance action plan on the analogy of the provisions under MLIP will form the part of the corpus fund and increase the annual return in shape of interest.

  • Annual Sustenance Plan for the year 2015-16
  • The abstract of Annual Sustenance Action Plan for the year 2015-16 approved by the District Sustenance Committee headed by the Deputy Commissioner, Solan is as under:

    All the operations of sustenance services are carried out by a team of Vety.experts with the close coordination of the line Departments particularly Department of Animal Husbandry, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Institutions.