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Committee Members

HPMLIS Committee Members

  • SADHUPUL Milk Plant

    Tehsil, Kandaghat

  • WAKNAGHAT Milk Plant

    Tehsil, Kandagaht

  • BARAN (DHAROT) Milk Plant

    Tehsil, Kandagaht

  • SHEEL Milk Plant



Elections of various level Executive Bodies of the Society:

As per the approved bye-laws of the Society, the election of the Society is conducted in four stages. At the first stage, the primary members registered with the Society in Solan district are formed in Self Help Groups comprising of 10 to 30 members in each SHG. In the 2nd stage, these SHGs elect delegates (one delegate from 4-6 SHGs) to represent these SHGs as Councillors who in turn form Block Level Committees by election in 3rd stage and in the 4th stage, the District level Executive Committee of the Society is formed by elections. The elected Counsellors are the voters to elect the District level Executive Committee of the Society in the General House Meeting. The tenure of the Executives of the Society is 3 years.


Sr.No. Name Office held Phone No.
1 Sh.Nand Lal Thakur Chairman 9418391209
2 Sh.Vidya Sagar Sr.Vice Chairman 9805442228
3 Sh.Ravinder Sharma Vice Chairman 9816817012
4 Smt.Rama Thakur Vice Chairman 8894075886
5 Sh.Ved Prakash Vice Chairman 9816587479
6 Smt.Raj Rani Vice Chairman 9816594165
7 Smt. Lila Sharma Vice Chairman 9817249465
8 Sh.Davinder Thakur Press Secretary 9857109525
9 Smt.Sushma Executive member 9805168910
10 Smt.Surendera Executive member 8894496246
11 Smt.Satya Thakur Executive member 9418526591
12 Sh.Vijay Thakur Executive member 9418290000
13 Smt.Asha Garg Executive member 8894275602
14 Sh.Ashwani Kumar Executive member 9816186095
15 Sh.Pom Raj Executive member 01795201012
16 Sh.Mohan Mehta Executive member 9418079125
17 Smt.Battu Devi Executive member 8679403363
18 Sh. S.S.Chauhan Secretary 9318117873